Morrisania is listed among the poorest and hardest hit of all communities in the United States.  Morrisania is a vibrant place, alive with all kinds of people - good people - who want to make a difference.  Resolutions can only be met with a conglomerate of effort from all whose concerned.

Mission - Empowering our community with employment resources for youth to improve their quality of life, while fostering productive relationships with family, peers and the business community.
Statement - We are a devoted grass roots community organization who believes that a supportive environment leads to success in any given situation.  In response to the critical needs of the Morrisania Community, we provide a program to promote community development and stimulate job retention skills.
Consciousness -The founder, Eric M Shoulders graduated with his Master Degree in Higher Education Administration from Bernard Baruch College.  His career developed in counseling and job placement.  Working at the Chamber of Commerce, he led the training programs to become 'number one' in the State of New York.  This status was with him in less than a year, but he continued his profession for twenty-five years.  With his experience supporting youth, ex-offenders and supportive programs, he identified the need for JACKSON AVENUE BLOCK ASSOCIATION inc. ( J.A.B.A. inc.).
J.A.B.A.'s purpose is to diminish an existing condition which impedes our community by initiating key services and programs which are design to address those issues.  With the support of local and governing entities we will effectively improve community development by stimulating jobs for young adults.
·         High unemployment rate due to lack of training and retention skills
·         Marginalization outside of networks which prevent the globalization, perspective, and social connection
Short-term Goals
·         Offer short-term programs, workshop and training opportunities to prepare for job placement
·         To build conflict resolution into their job search and community life
·         Connecting participants, parents, and community members to services and information
Long-term Goals
·         Conduct job placement for members to maintain long term placement
·         Strengthen youth communication and network skills measured against job retention skills
·         Develop members to identify and pursue resources independently

Note: All Donations Are Tax Deductable. We are a non-profit organization(501c3)